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This gift guide was put together with the help of my boyfriend (this also might double as a wishlist but we shall see)!

1. I’ve been told that these are cool shoes, but I’m pretty sure they’re just ultra comfortable.

2. Cameron has a jacket just like this one and has had it for several years, and wears it all the time. It’s great for fall, and then layering for winter.

3. On Cameron’s list is a pair of joggers and these look super comfy.

4. He recently bought these headphones and swears by the noise cancellation ability. They’re under $90 with a lot of reviews and are an affordable alternative to the Bose headphones.

5. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home from work and this gadget is in the kitchen cooking up dinner. You can control it with your phone and it’s super easy to use.

6. These shoes are a versatile color and have that added color for an extra detail.

7. This is actually on my list, but these suitcases are everywhere. They come with a built in charger so if you find yourself in a bind without an outlet nearby, you’re golden.

8. Another essential jacket that can be worn for years. I love this brand and their quality is always amazing.

9. Mini Palette coasters, need I say more?

10. Our house is loaded with smart technology – light bulbs, Alexa’s, Nests, etc. You name it, we have it. We just recently got this and it has been a good addition to our bedroom (because of course it is linked to a light bulb).

11. This backpack looks a lot like Herschel but for a third of the price.

12. This speaker had great reviews, is under $30 and is waterproof so it can be taken ANYWHERE.