• MDW 2020

    admin May 25, 2020

    Happy Memorial Day y’all! We hope you and your loved ones are enjoying this day. First and foremost we want to say thank you to all of the men and women, and their families, who have scarified for this country and for our freedom. It is easy to take it for granted and we’re appreciative of a day (though trying to actively acknowledge it much more) that allows us to…

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    admin November 21, 2018

    At this point, I have probably already stuff my face with food to the point where I have put on leggings or unbuttoned my pants and I am ready to do some online shopping. My mom and I started a tradition of in person Black…

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    admin November 8, 2018

      Here’s ten things I’ve had my eye on, can you spot a trend? 1. I’m not usually one that is into color but this blazer is on my wish list. 2. Sometimes fall can be that awkward time of do I wear long sleeves,…

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  • Budget Friendly Summer Style

    admin June 18, 2018

    I feel like I’m not the only person that’s ever walked into my closet FULL of clothes and sighed saying “ugh, I have nothing to wear.” Lately, I feel like this has been happening a lot. There are so many versatile events from brunch to…

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  • White Lace Top

    admin June 11, 2018

    Ever since I saw Mary from Happily Grey wearing this shirt, I was in love. I scoured the internet to try to find a more wallet-friendly version, because hey sometimes we’re ballin’ on a budget right? Hand raise. So when I saw this white lace…

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