We are Nicolette and Katie, the creators of Wander + Wardrobe. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting our website.

Wander + Wardrobe started as a creative, feminine outlet to share our love for design, decor and style. We love curating an outfit for ourselves, friends and family and frequently got asked to do so, which is where W + W was born.

By day Nicolette (brunette) is an engineer for a construction company and Katie (blonde) is an attorney. By night, we spend our time on the hunt for the best pieces – clothing, interior design, and accessories that are attainable to all. Our goal is to be an inspirational resource to all of you, all while pushing you out of your comfort zone in more ways than just fashion. Whether it is trying that new dress, talking about the dirty details of skin, or the struggle of eating healthy, we’re in it together.

As our brand grows, we want to be sure to stay true to ourselves + our roots and remember that we can all learn something from someone else. Overall, we’re two girls just living day-to-day lives but doing so in a fashionable, fun, yet sensible (sometimes) way. GOODBYE Kyle.