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Finding the right gift can always be a challenge, especially for the woman who has it all. Fads go out, trends fade, and handbags/shoes/clothing wear. I always get asked what I want for Christmas and of course my first thought is: diamonds.

Looking back through the years, I have forgotten the bag my parents got me, but still wear the necklace every day I got for my birthday a few years back.

Jewelry is timeless, especially when you find the right designer. I have started to realize that fashion can sometimes be an investment and jewelry is truly worth it because it is worn daily.

Ava Bea Stacking Ring c/o Dana Rebecca

I recently did a poll on statement vs. delicate jewelry, and delicate jewelry won at 87%! 87% of you said they would rather have something delicate than something they might not wear in a year. I was completely blown away by that percentage!

Lulu Jack Station Bracelet c/o Dana Rebecca

When a piece of jewelry is simple and understated, it creates a look of refinement that can be worn for years. I look back on gifts that I have received or any thing I have bought for myself, I have never had regrets about something that was gold or had diamonds…ever.

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend, and as I’ve gotten older I have realized how true that statement is. Whatever your budget is, you can always find something that is special that will last a lifetime. I wear these pieces every day and truly never take them off!

My parents got my a diamond necklace for my birthday several years ago and I fell in love with the company. Fast forward, I got the privilege to work with the brand + the team behind it and it has made me love it even more. From the quality, the care, and love that is put into these pieces is impeccable, and they have gained a customer for life in me. I get a lot of compliments on my jewelry and love telling people they’re Dana Rebecca Designs!

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