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Six weeks after my initial microblading appointment and a rollercoaster of emotions associated with my brows, it was time for my touch up. In my experience, this has been when I really fell in love with the craftsmanship and work of microblading. Before, my brows went from WOAH there to wait where did the microblading go? These emotions are totally normal, and I had to remind myself of that.

I went in for my touch up and got a mini-consult from Desiree to see how my healing had gone. She checked the strokes and looked for areas that needed to be touched up more than others. First up, she cleaned up my brows so that she could analyze how much more work needed to be done. Second, she numbed me up (which is super important) because I barely feel anything! There are areas that are more sensitive than others, but for the most part it was painless.

Then, she began to fill in the areas that she had previously identified. After about twenty minutes, my brows were full and natural looking. I had one area of my eyebrow that was stubborn (you always have that one) and was filled in perfectly after the touch up. I was so happy with my results!

Touch Up Video 1

The after care is the same as the initial visit, and Desiree explained what ointments to apply, how frequently, and that I could not work out (DARN) or get them wet in the shower. She gave me a goodie bag with the ointments and a visor to help keep water out of my face, and I was on my way!

Touch Up Video 2

I explained in my previous post that I love having my lashes full, but if my brows are bare I feel like I can’t leave the house. Microblading is absolutely worth it for me because it makes me feel like I somewhat have makeup on when I wake up. If you’re considering it, you should 100% go for it!

Visit Desiree from Eye Love Dallas’ website here.


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