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I am ecstatic to finally share this post with y’all about my microblading experience! Since I had my eyebrows done in July, I wanted them to be able to heal a bit before I wrote the first post, and am going to do a Version 2 once I get my touch up done next week! I have gotten a lot of questions about microblading and wanted to be able to answer as many as I could! Like most people, I have one eyebrow that’s my definition of perfect – shape, fill consistency, etc. I mean it is flawless. And then I have the other that is like the second child that didn’t listen to any of the rules. Scattered, sparse and chaotic is the best way to describe it. I always applied brow gel to that eyebrow more than the other to get it to comply and eventually just got sick of having to “train it”, and that is when I learned about microblading.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo where the strokes look like real hair and can last 12-16 months. I did a lot of research because there are different microblading styles, so finding an artist that aligns with yours is important. In comes Desiree from @eyelovedallas – natural, clean strokes, and overall a wonderful person. I came to her salon for a consultation where she went through an overview of the entire process, which I thoroughly appreciated. I left confident in our next appointment and had a card in hand that described the six emotions of microblading.

A few weeks later, I came in for the actual procedure. She asked me several questions like what look are you trying to execute, what color do you think you’d want, thicker or thinner, etc. From the answers I gave her, she drew her outlines that would help her to know where to do the strokes. It is essentially like when you first learn to color, you always want to stay inside the lines. She let me look in a hand mirror and confirm the size / shape of the outline she made. Then, she began to numb them and then we selected a color. She helped me because honestly I was lost, there were five different shades of brown that looked slightly different yet insanely similar at the same time. We both agreed on a dark brown that had more red tints in it since sometimes my hair in light looks like it has red undertones.

She began the strokes and about an hour ish later, she was done with both sides and handed me a mirror. O. M. G. This is literally what #browgoals is. Given at the beginning they’re darker than they are going to be in a few weeks just because they’re fresh, they looked amazing. She then proceeded to give me instructions on how to treat them post procedure – ointments, gel, what I could and could not do, etc. and I set up my touch up appointment and walked out feeling like a brand new woman!

Anyone is a candidate for microblading, I have oily skin and sometimes it does not last as long as others. You have to avoid direct contact with water which is essentially getting under the water in the shower, heavy sweating, and pools for at least two weeks after (otherwise you could impact the ink and it could fade a lot more quickly). You want to try to preserve it as much as possible until your follow up appointment so there’s not much to do. The one thing I really appreciated is how much information she gave me, especially on a card that explained all of the stages of the healing in the next six weeks.



What did you look for in an artist?
One of the reasons why I reached out to Desiree in the first place was because of her strokes and how natural they looked. I stalked her instagram and looked at photos dating back to January of this year to see her work and knew that we were a good fit. Fast forward five weeks later and I could have been happier with my decision. As I mentioned, I am due for my touch up next week and cannot wait to see the final results.

What do you like about having microblading?
For some reason, I feel complete when I have full brows and a lip color. My eyelashes have gotten long enough that if I don’t wear mascara I don’t look bald, but having full brows gives me that same “just got my lashes refilled” feeling.

How long does it typically last?
It varies based on your skin type (oily vs. dry), but it can last from 12-18 months (or even longer if you take care of it).

If you have any more questions or want to know more about my experience, please send me an email!

See more of Desiree’s work on her website found here.

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