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Budget Friendly Summer Style

I feel like I’m not the only person that’s ever walked into my closet FULL of clothes and sighed saying “ugh, I have nothing to wear.” Lately, I feel like this has been happening a lot. There are so many versatile events from brunch to work to a bachelorette party that require completely different looks, and take up a lot of my limited space. I recently did a poll about if y’all would rather buy quality vs. quantity, and quality won.

While I agree about 95% of the time, there are times when I want something inexpensive that I can wear once and not feel guilty about it. One of my sorority sister’s in college told me “never spend money on trendy pieces” and still to this day, I abide by it. So when I found SheIn, I was so excited! Gingham skirt for $13? Add to cart. Button linen dress for $18? Girl, get two. It was so easy to buy things from here because they were so budget-friendly!

I’ve had my eye on a few things from their store and am so pumped to have them delivered! See what’s in my cart (click the link below the photo to shop the item):


I’ll keep you updated on my experience with this company, but I’ve had a good one so far! Be sure to show me what you guys also buy, I love seeing your outfits you put together!


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