Ever since I can recall, I’ve been taught to take care of my skin. My dad had horrible acne growing up and my parents did not want me to experience the same thing. They made sure I was diligent in my skincare routine, and financially supported a lot of treatments to rid of acne and maintain healthy skin. I’m so thankful for this because as much as I hate the nights where I’m so tired and just want to crawl into bed, I force myself to complete my 5-10 minute regimen out of habit.

Now, with that being said, I always knew the day would come where I would want botox. I had friends that got it as early as 25, and didn’t really start thinking about it until I received a few comments about my RBF (resting bitch face). I quickly learned that I had developed a squint + forehead scrunch combo when I was thinking, and from that I started to see wrinkles. Not a lot but enough to say “hmmm…I don’t like the way that looks.” I began researching different facials, which my favorite I found was the vampire. I did not get this done, but it was a top contender for me. And in comes botox. I had always known about it, primarily from my mom, but didn’t quite know what or how it worked. Here’s what I found + my experience on getting it:

Q: What exactly is botox?
A: Botox weakens the muscle where it is injected, as it is a toxin (bo-TOX). This, in more relatable terms, causes the muscle function to decrease over time therefore the area is less prone to wrinkles.

Q: What is the difference between Botox and Dysport?
A: They have the same impact, but Dysport has a quicker onset – 2-5 days vs. 4-7 for Botox. The units are also different, and typically more units are used with Dysport. They last about the same amount of time, which is typically from 3-6 months.

Q: Who did you go to for the procedure?
A: My dad is a Dentist in Houston who also has a certification to issue Botox + Dysport. Trust me when I say, it took a lot of convincing for him to say yes. He thinks I’m too young but eventually agreed to do Dysport in my forehead only. It is super important to research your Doctor. I was initially going to go to someone locally and found a reputable Doctor here in Dallas. One thing to note is ALWAYS ASK WHERE THE PRODUCT IS FROM. I have heard so many stories about *knock off* product coming from Overseas that have negative affects on people. So if you’re researching, make sure you call the office first and ask where it is purchased from.

Q: How young is too young?
A: I think this is more of personal preference. I’ve heard, talked to and researched this topic and there are varying opinions. My stance was I have a little bit of wrinkles and wanted it to be more preventative rather than corrective, and told myself I would not follow the more aggressive timeline but rather about an 8 month one.

Q: Did it hurt?
A: My dad used a local topical anesthetic on me that sat for about 15 minutes. The needle is super small, and I compared it to feeling a lot of pressure from either a cyst or under the skin zit. I have a high pain tolerance so I did not think it hurt really, but I may have thought otherwise if I did not have the anesthetic.

Q: How do you know how much to get?
A: Your Doctor will make an assessment based on your wrinkles / face state. My dad asked me to repeatedly raise my eyebrows, squint, and get my angry face on. From there, he used a notepad to place the injection locations + how much solution will be used. My average unit number / area was 6, and I ended up needing 48 units.

Q: Was there anything you had to do post procedure?
A: I had to exercise my face muscles, raising and scrunching to spread out the solution throughout my forehead. I kept doing this for two days after and by day three ish, that is when it will go into effect.


Overall, I can already tell a difference and am happy with my decision. It also doesn’t hurt that the man I trust the most was the one doing it! I am going to put videos of the actual procedure on my stories under BEAUTY, so feel free to watch them *disclaimer – they’re pretty funny*. Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer them!


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